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Sigep 2024 the dolce world expo

Innovation and taste in the world of Plant-Based beverages

Sigep 2024, the grand stage for culinary innovation, is drawing near, promising a unique exploration of the plant-based beverage landscape. In this article, we extend a warm invitation to accompany us on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of this international fair in Rimini.

Here, culinary excellence converges with groundbreaking plant-powered creations, and we are excited to reveal our latest gems – the Soy Cooking Cream and Oat Cooking Cream.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the future of plant-based cooking.

Exploring Sigep 2024

With great anticipation, we gear up for our participation in Sigep 2024, the largest international fair dedicated to the world of food in Rimini.

Beyond merely showcasing products, our presence is a commitment to being part of a transformative movement that is reshaping the culinary landscape. 

At our exhibit ( D1 stand 049) , we not only present the latest trends in plant-based beverages but also provide an exclusive sneak peek into what distinguishes our Soy Cooking Cream and Oat Cooking Cream.

Embark on this journey with us through Sigep 2024, where innovation and taste converge to redefine the possibilities of plant-powered cuisine.

New trends in Plant-Based beverages at Sigep 2024

Sigep acts as a barometer for industry trends, and this year is no exception.

Within this article, we will navigate the dynamic landscape of plant-based beverages, exploring the evolving preferences and emerging innovations that are shaping the future of the industry. From sustainable sourcing to flavor fusions, Sigep 2024 sets the stage for a deeper understanding of the trends driving the plant-based revolution in the world of beverages.

Unveiling Soy and Oat Cooking Cream

A highlight of Sigep 2024 is the introduction of our revolutionary products –Soy and Oat cooking cream.

In this section, we will delve into the unique qualities of these cooking creams, designed to elevate plant-based cooking to new heights.

From their creamy textures to their versatility in a range of culinary applications, these products represent a paradigm shift in plant-powered cuisine.

Join us in this anticipation-filled journey, and be among the first to savor the future of plant-based cooking with our innovative Soy and Oat cooking cream.

Delicious creations with Soy and Oat Cooking Cream

To showcase the incredible versatility of our Soy and Oat cooking cream, we have curated a collection of tantalizing recipes. From savory sauces to decadent desserts, these creations embody the essence of plant-based culinary excellence.

Explore our recipes collection to discover the endless possibilities that our cooking creams bring to your kitchen, reading the Plant based recipes section of Instead of Milk blog.

sigep 2024


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